Notice Board

Not like a bounty board, commoners place their concerns and requests here and generally cannot afford to pay for the service, or offer trivial rewards ranging from 5 coppers to a chicken, maybe even a pig. For these exact reasons the people who complete these tasks for them will seem respectable and generous, increasing their reputation in the eyes of the everyday commoner, not just the nobles.

1.Its a disgrace, the divine statue memorial nearby Valenwood has been desecrated. Some kids have put their scrawled Graffiti all over it. I feel sick about this and someone needs to clean it up and teach them kids some respect!

2.Damn that old wizard. He keeps practicing his spells in a popular lake nearby where people like to go to relax. They cannot relax when fire and mystical energy flies around. It scares the kids and someone should tell him to train somewhere else, but nobody around seems to be up for it.

3.Man I do not believe this guy. He comes into the tavern every night here in Valenwood. Sounds not too bad, but this man always gets blind drunk and into bar fights. It seems though that he has had some experience in fighting in the past and even when drunk, is still dangerous.

Notice Board

Thinia Swordninja