"What did I do to make people hate me so much, being a clone sucks sometimes"


Tom stands at 5’9 and is an average width for his old age. He wears clerly identified blue wizard robes and a large old spellbook is trapped onto his back, almost as if it was sheathed like a weapon. He has long grey hair and a large wizard beard. He owns a typical wizard hat, but only wears it while travelling. He looks well fed and his robes are clean. He makes a note to keep his study clean and his shop is clean as well. He owns many mysterious magical items that can be seen in his shop and when looking for specific items throws everything around, but it is clean again after a minute or two.


Tom was born in Blackfire while both his parents were traveling the world. As a child he enjoyed reading stories of dragons, demons and evil creatures and the tales of great warriors defeating them. By age 14 he could read and write draconic and he could speak it by 15. He received his first spellbook from Uncle Zenos when he was 15 as well and it contained several cantrips to pull pranks and act cool, which he did. By age 17 he was bullied by some guys his age part of a warrior training school, they started beating him up. This is when, without preparation and out of innate instinct spoke the draconic language in a trance and blasted his attackers back with powerful arcane missiles. This is when he realised that he should seriously invest in his hobby and now knew that magic was the ultimate power.


Thinia Swordninja