"I am growing old and tired, my advantage of youth on Tom is gone now"


He stands at 5’6 and is rather skinny and frail.(note this is a picture of him when he was young and badass.) He is quite old and is often seen in the Heroes library reading, even though he is not a hero, he is welcomed by all every day and is very popular among everyone. He is probably the only one in the guild that is friends with everyone.

He is fairly unorganized and leaves papers and scrolls open and everywhere and his clothes are not often cared for. He bathes only when he can be bothered to walk to a river or cast a spell. The only thing he keeps close watch on is his spellbook.


He was a powerful wizard in his early days and there is rumor in a couple of books saying that he once killed a Balor, but no proof behind it. He is a famous man because of his amazing spell called “Gladiatorial blood pit”, a spell only castable by him. He made a game out of it in his later years called “Dungeon Dash” and is famous for this and people started righting about him. He is far out of glory right now but one must think of how good he must have been.

People have rumored that dark magic and secrets reside in his spellbook and put forward that no normal good wizard could cunjure up his array of evil monsters for his dungeon dash and people got so suspicious at one point the guard captain was ordered to search his study and spellbook. He found nothing suspicious and concluded that rumor is rumor and there was nothing going on.


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