Pan / Haley

"I search the darkness for a small shimmer of light"


18 year old VERY attractive 5’9’’ 60kg Blue eyes, long wavy brown hair, good body, curves where they should be and flawless face. When expecting combat wears Asian style full plate which looks very nice. Has a Katana and Wykizashi which are also VERY nice looking. Also don’t fuck with the Katana. She is pretty nice usually, but when she gets pissed she is very unrelenting and not merciful. Also don’t leave her by herself and she would like comfort and close people when in unfamiliar or scary places.


She appeared and attacked a guy, giving an opportunity for zodiac to strike. She is nice and VERY pretty… seems familiar.

(The amount of hentai I came across trying to find a picture… holy shit. so fuck you and your picture.)

Pan / Haley

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