Nova Ignis of the Firebearer Clan

Spread good back through the world under the guidance of the Lord of Light.


Cleric – Human – Lawful Good

STR 14
DEX 13
CON 15
INT 13
WIS 16
CHA 16

HP 10
AC 18

Size: Medium
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Weight: 85kg
Deity: The Lord of Light

Nova is a 6’1’ male who looks like he has just walked straight out of an anime. He has an angular, attractive face with large green eyes and an incredibly nice smile. When he takes his gold trimmed, spined helmet off, his flowing red hair comes down to just below his ears with a swept-to-the-left fringe. His skin is not tanned but not pale, and has not seen much battle, although it is clear he is well trained for it. He has a muscular build with a clear ‘triangle’ figure (although he does not skip leg day). Nova wears fine clothing bought from the local tailor around town most of the time, but when he expects danger, his trusty chain-mail is donned and ready for action, as well as his scimitar and steel shield are drawn.


Nova grew up in a small town called Farlian. His family are the leaders of this little 30 or so person village. His Mum is the head cleric of the temple of light, and his Dad is the leader of the village who makes all of the major decisions and has trained as a fighter. He was raised as a usual child in this harsh world would, learning to fight as early as possible and realising he had special potential with divine magic. His parents saw this was a clear sign from the Lord of Light that Nova was destined for greatness and lead him toward the path of light. He embraced it and wants to spread it to all. At a young age Nova found a small boy hiding behind the tailor, he looked funny but Nova is nice so he approached him and befriended him. Although because this creature was a half-orc the townspeople did not accept this friendship. The pair had to see each other secretly and once they reached ages where they had some sort of brain, they decided to try and unite their communities. Through this they have become close friends and have now decided to adventure together.

Nova Ignis of the Firebearer Clan

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