Daenerys Stormborn

"Not a good idea to touch that you know"


As a paladin of Bahamut, Daenerys promotes good and is disapproving of evil. She accepts no excuses for foul deeds, she is very compassionate and has boundless empathy for the weak and downtrodden.

She is a Changling, in her natural form, she has pale white soft skin with long white hair. In human form, she has medium length blonde hair with brown eyes, she’s 5’ 6’’. She wields her trusty longsword in two hands and abyssal eviscerator hide (green and thrones).


Daenerys was born in the city of valenwood to a mother alone, as in no other help, she grew up as a playful child, always seeking looking around her vast rather large house, through books of ancients, before the sundering, books that speak of aliens, she never once left the house, or saw the outside world for the first 7 years of her life. Daenerys never questioned what her mother did for money or why she never allowed her to leave the house, Daenerys was very blissful in her childhood never a dull moment freely moved around her house. On her 7th name day, she learned something very important in her life that made a completely different outlook on everything, after conversing with children for the first time she was extremely shy but it was surprising easy, she grew up very popular around people her age, still spending majority of her time in her house studying. As she came of age, she got “the calling” to be a paladin which she soon accepted, upon the acceptance, she was immediately found by an odd figure, a legend… a Dragonborn, she was shown the ways of a paladin, giving out whatever she could to help beggars and unfortunate people, healing in churches for the wounded.

Daenerys Stormborn

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