Linea is on the edge of destruction, and with its fall, so would the fall of good follow. The Divine won’t save the world this time. He was powerful indeed, but did not finish what he started and died protecting the world. After 500 years, the cult starts moving again. Evil is stirring and is nearly ready to begin its assault that will cover the world in darkness, only a few brave heroes have stood up to defend the land from the tide of darkness.

That time has come and gone, the enemy beaten back and depleted of power, but not without great cost, the world itself was torn asunder and many perished in the carnage. Many enemies were forced to work as allies to keep the world stable. It is 20 years after the previous events described in these loosely kept books and notes, written by a man known as the Informant. These records are little of what remains of what truly transpired, as not many who saw the events are alive to tell the tale and those who can are often plagued by false memories, hallucinations and nightmares. The amount of sane beings who can tell the story does not go past the single digits.

The world itself survived the event know as The Sundering, but can the races of destiny do the same?