A New Hero

The dragonborne was walking around bored. He decided to go check on the prisoners. He had made a habit of standing in front of the cage and laughing at them from anywhere between 2-10 minutes. He walked down to take a look at them. One of them said “Hey, dragon dude, look over there, was that name always there?”

The dragonborne turned to see new glowing words on the wall. The name on the wall was “Andross Wind-rider”.

He rushed upstairs and told everyone that the new name had appeared. They all seemed surprised and their leaders had just left them and would not be back for a few weeks. The heroes now had to organize their plan to get to this hero, as Avelina seemed sure the cult would jump at the idea to get another hero, just as they did to her. Who would lead the guild’s operations this time, history dictates only a hero may lead.

Avelina, the half-elf hero who is rather susceptible to mind play and corruption, as half the job is already done for the cult.

Gortharik, a hot headed dwarf who would charge the enemy without planning or even thought.

Liara, an 8 year old girl without any knowledge or maturity.

It seems that the guild leaders did not take into account who they left to guard the fort…

Damien and Selphia

Damien had met the woman Selphia on his travels in the forests of Valenwood. He had forgotten how long it had been since he contacted Sickle and knew that even if he turned around now, would not reach him for at least another two weeks. He walked with Selphia into Valenwood after a long time away from society. He met with the innkeeper and paid for a two person room for a month. He thought of the pain of travelling back to Sickle to deliver information, but could not write to him. He asked Selphia to write it for him, but she turned the tables on him and said she would teach him.

He learned how to write and sent his letter to Sickle and was proud of his achievement. He left town with Selphia and after a days travel south was confronted by 6 men. They demanded all their goods or they would be killed. Damien pulled out a dagger and entered a fighting stance. Two of the men held the woman back while the others charged him. Damien darted between them, dodging and striking at blistering speeds. After a short time only the two men remained, who let the girl go and fled.

He sheathed his dagger, helped the fair lady up and said “man, that was a waste of time and energy, come on lets go Selphia, those men will trouble us no longer”.She smiled as they both walked on into the deep forest.


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