The Wondrous Wand of Wonderful Mysteries


It is almost a permanent parlor trick type of wand with the immense power of the Miracle spell cast upon it, but with set limitations by the way of only pre-built Miracles could be used. When cast on someone, the wand randomly selects what this is and depending on the character and the random effect it could be epic, weird or completely disastrous.

Last person to be seen with it was a finely dressed man with a slight green tint in the leather, a light green short cape down to the middle back and a longsword with a green hilt.

Nobody has this on the black market but I (Damien) thought this would be interesting. Nobody has it on the black market simply because the randomness of the item makes in unreliable as you could aid your opponents or hinder your allies.

It is said that each owner can only use it three times.


The Wondrous Wand of Wonderful Mysteries

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