"Evil will happily stomp your teeth in given the chance. Good is a little slower with the kick in the head"


Str: 18
Dex: 18
Con: 13
Int: 16
Wis: 24
Cha: 11

AC: 26
HP: 114
LV: 13


I lived with my parents for a while, up until I was fourteen. I did all the things that the simple druids do, smoked hashesh, spoke to the animals and never left my sacred grove. Never saw the outside. Never knew of evil. however, one horrifically fateful day a wizard appeared in our grove. My parents were off getting high with some fey, I didn’t know what to do so I.. asked him why he was here. How he got there. He told me he was an adventurer, he told me stories of grandeur, of battle and glory. He asked me to join him. I did. we traveled outside the forest. I met a bird there. I named him black wing, we were soon friends. after a week of travel I awoke to find myself binded and gagged with the wizard standing above me laughing. they took me to a prison in one of their shrines where they kept me for six long years. some say i went crazy. some say i developed a new personality. maybe i was simple very angry. the beating were frequent and i have the scars to prove it. i still have the symbol of the cult burned into my back with magical fire so i could not heal it with mundane means. twice a cult member tried to rape me, neither of the cult member succeeded. neither lived. needless to say, that angered the cult, especially because I… i.. went mad after i killed the second. I.. mutilated him he.. couldn’t be recognized as human i was disgusted in myself, yet.. it felt good to kill him.. after all he did to me. After they found the remnants of his body they took me to the shrine and they offered me one chance to join them. Called themselves the cult of retribution. I spat NO out of my gag they began to laugh, but I didn’t let them keep laughing. I had black wing chew my bonds and i sprang free, blinding that ass of a wizard and started throwing spells and punches. A few seconds into the fight I entangled them all and made a run for it, but the wizard recovered his vision and used some arcane magic and bound me and black wing. While we were on the ground he had his fighters punch a few of my teeth in. as i began to black out i heard “take him to the bandit arena, he should make a good show”. I awoke in the arena and killed those who stood before me, with the help of a paladin. I vowed to take care of the cult of retribution. Now I will.

In recent years he has acquired a castle.
Authorities are unable to determine why.

Is now quite powerful, very wanted.

In a destressed mental state after the death of fiancé avalina.


Thinia silver_the_soaring_sun