"Nice to meet you again, brave adventurers."


A female Gold dragon, in human form she is seen in figure fitting scale-mail Armour, She has long, soft, flawless flowing blonde hair and dark blue, enchanting eyes to match with soft, appealing and completely flawless skin.She looks freaking sexy at comeliness 27(Gold dragons don’t follow the max 20 comeliness rule, neither do nymphs). This means she also has the all the good looking curves and a large “chest” to match up, barely covered by scale mail.

She may look nice, but has a rather serious personality. You do not want to face her in combat, she turns into a fierce, intimidating warrior and then she is a dragon.


She is a fairly young dragon. Her parents were both killed by a dragon hunting cult working with the cult of despair. She managed to hide herself from the cult and protect the eggs long enough for some adventurers to come along and help her out.

She has embedded her mind into the three heroes who helped her, to sense and locate evil dragons.


Thinia Swordninja