"take lives of the wretched and bring hope to the poor"


6’ 0" human male Ranger who wears normal clothing. He has short brown wavy hair, not so tanned skin and blue eyes. Looks muscular but not buff and is 28 years old but is still able to move around like a boss. My Bow is named Jana and she is intelligent. Also I have a person inside me who is one of the most evil things ever and his name is Alvor. My trusty wolf also follows me around and does whatever I tell it.


Original parents didn’t want me cause they were nobility and real snobs, so they put me in an orphanage where I stayed for a little bit (not that I can remember cause I was too young) then some middle-upper class people adopted me (I was their only child) but they were fuck heads so I left at the age of 14. After that I lived wherever I could and did whatever I needed to to get by, if that meant doing a couple of low grade thieves guild jobs then I didn’t mind. But one day Ehlonna gave me a vision, that I could do so much better. So I decided to do good with my life and help others. Only a few years later I found out I was a hero and my life changed again. Now I have retired from adventuring to become the leader of the heroes guild. I organise everything and I am the guy talk talk to about anything to do with the guild.


Thinia jgj42