"I really dont know why people get worked up about magical weapons"


Seros stands at 5’9, has long blonde hair, light blue eyes and wears a suit of full plate. He is rather casual with his clothing, whenever a fight is not expected, he walks around in lightly dyed commoners clothing, much better kept than commoners clothes, but still fairly common.

He is very young, looking like he is 16 or 17 years old, but is a hero and is fairly skilled in both swordplay and magic. He was known by his parents to be quite a player, managing to get several women into his beds and was always welcomed into the taverns by other adventurers who looked up to him and young women who were attracted by his flawless looks and deeds.

It seems that dwarf’s do not like him anywhere near as much though, apparently he resembles elves in their soft skin and long hair. Some human men, out of jealousy, accuse him of being gay or bisexual. He mainly ignores these comments.


As for the epic deeds that he had done to gain such a reputation, it is known that he is of low-noble birth. He did not stand out with his minor slaying of goblins when they attacked him, but when he was 14 his parents sent him off to a magic school. He was there for a year, he learned at an incredible pace, but still had a bit to learn when he left, because of the boring lifestyle. He preferred the lifestyle of the partying and it is almost impossible for a wizard to attract girls. This scared him, so he left and decided he would take up fighting. He already had the brains and the looks and he decided once he got the strength, he could have any woman he wanted, or have them all a few times.

This was cut short when he realized he was a hero. It did not change him much until the cult attacked him. He beat them down quickly and headed to the guild, realizing he was in danger without allies. He is loyal and determined, but he sees no harm in messing around in his spare time and working his charm.


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