"The world has become a dark and twisted place, but I have hope that its people will remain strong."


She stands at 5’8 and has a rather slim feminine figure. She has pure soft skin and wears a grey cape and hood, with a simple commoners dress and she has long, flowing blonde hair. She is simply a beautiful commoner girl with no fighting ability, but is sweet and caring.


She grew up in Valenwood, but later moved to live with the elves at age 15. She is such a graceful person that she fit in perfectly with them. She lived there until she was 24 when she moved even further away from society than before. She went into the forest and lived with a small Elven community of about 20 people. She occasionally visited other towns and frowned upon the city life, because many people there were poor. One day while she was awake on watch while the others were asleep, a cloaked man named Damien made his way to the camp. He asked the girl if she knew how to write so he could send a letter to his “friend”. She let him stay in the camp for the night and decided to follow him. She taught him how to read and write over the next month and she grew to love him. They still travel today, collecting information and admiring nature and peace.


Thinia Swordninja