Queen Volkarion

"My part in destiny seemed to be done, but once again I carry the worries of the world"


She stands at 5’6 and looks very frail and innocent, because she is. She has long black hair and she is very young, barely an adult by their terms. She is very nice to all the people she rules and has trouble dealing out punishments. Many men have requested her hand in marriage but she is too young to make a decision about her potential husband, who would gain a large amount of power. For this reason without the king in Linea, she cannot make a decision for another two years, but that does not mean that she cant flirt or pick favorites until then. Her soft and calming voice can put any war bound soldiers at ease and her flawless face and skin breeds jealousy in noble women of the keep.


Princess Volkarion is the first female to be born under the Divine bloodline in 300 years. She is the true and only heir to the throne and despite her naive and loving nature must rule Linea, since her father has disappeared the council has helped her make decisions. She is under enormous pressure and without the council the city would fall into ruin. If she was gone, there would be no true heir and civil war would erupt.

This means that both her and the council MUST be kept alive at all costs.

Queen Volkarion

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