Liara Stonefire

"Life is so much better here, so much more simple and beautiful, my Nova ended the war you know"


Liara is a kind adolescent who values difference, she believes everything being the same is rather boring. She has a good heart and seems to be what you would expect from a girl her age, a little on the mysterious and strange side, she seems to live in the Colossal Dwarf Inn, with many of the patrons recognizing her on a regular basis.

She has long brown hair going halfway down her back and covering the side of her face and has soft skin, almost flawless. She wears a plain brown dress most the time, but may occasionally swap out for something with more colour like green, blue, red or even pink. She may sometimes wear a ribbon in her hair as well, always either red, pink or purple.


Liara Stonefire

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