King Volkarion

"As long as I reside in Linea, I decide its fate, along with anyone who lives in it"


(Players have not met him, information found from Herodotus’s “The Histories”)

This bulky man stands at a massive 6’8 for a human and he looks like a walking machine of strength. He has very short black hair, were talking size 4 haircut short and a small beard.
This guy looks like he did not need bodyguards, they were only really there to foil surprises.
He wrecks everything in his way and is very famous. His speeches make men’s allegences shift and the women have trouble containing themselves around him.


(Herodotus states in “The Histories” Page 45 Vol VI)
He is the 13th king of Linea and 13th in the Divine line. This means that he is distantly related to the divine and even 13 generations wearing down, he still packs a punch. Trying to beat him in strength is like a halfling bullrushing a Balor. Beating his speed is not supernatural, but still very difficult. He has more stamina than a bull, an elephant and Plutarch combined. He is not so smart, but still well educated and higher than average. He can judge his surroundings and notice things that others cant, he almost has a 6th sense for it.
His words bring all men to him and all women to his beds.

He went missing in the ruletik isles, probably captured by “Barbarians”.

You guys figure out whats true and what is incredibly biased.

King Volkarion

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