Katherine Silverheart

"Give me a sword and I can fight, but give me a map and a table to lean on and I can win a war"


She is one of the youngest of the order to ever become champion at age 22 and only the second woman to ever claim the title in hundreds of years.

Katherine takes her job fairly seriously, maybe not as much as the previous champion, but she is not so quite hot headed or stupid as the last champion. She believes that much of the fighting can be avoided through calm conversation and negotiation and that resorting to the sword would only be neccesary in quite a serious situation and would prefer to combat a desk covered in markers for troop positions rather than a real battle.


She is the first child born into the latest generation of the Silverheart family, a famous and wealthy family going back centuries of Linea’s history. She decided to abandon the family tradition of becoming wise wizards and scholars for the art of fighting and strategy for the first time at age nine after a miraculous recovery from a terrible sickness that had killed off many members of the rather fragile family over the decades. She started as a late squire to Emily Kenthal, known as the only official female knight in Linea and the only knight who would accept a female squire. She learned the arts of diplomacy well, but also picked up crucial fighting basics, skills and strategy by the age of 15 when her teacher Emily Kenthal was killed by a member of the cult of retribution when she had some sort of lead to the location of her daughter.

Katherine joined the City Guard under the guiding eye of the Goblin Slayer until she was 18. She then transferred over into the Order Of Flame, first as an initiate. She was quickly recognized for her tactical mind and rose through the many ranks and positions a member could hold, even skipping some outright. From initiate to member, then to keep guard, then to Flame Seeker, then to strategical instructor, then to Drill Instructor, Keep Guard Captain and then finally making her place in the team known as the Phoenix Guard, one step below champion, by age 22. With the recent death of the former champion Katherine has been selected as the 24th champion, due to her tactical mind and her presence of leadership.

Katherine Silverheart

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