"It was an accident, they were all accidents!"



Hello there chap, ready for a fine evening of story telling?

My name is Ru-rukk Skarurtu, which translates into Dreamer of Forbidden thoughts. For simplicity, you may call me Julian. I was born what feels like a lifetime ago, to my mother high priestess of a Orc community, however when I was born they found my mother had dilly-dallied with the wrong sort (according to them) and I was as a result a half-Orc. Of course my mother had her head permanently separated from her body, in a spiffing ritual. I was thrown into a rather drab rubbish containment unit behind a book wholesaler and a tailor. Naturally the townsfolk avoided me and I managed to survive on unwanted food waste. I grew up reading the books of lore that had been thrown out for being unseemely giving me the opportunity to read the tales of zodiac, the downfall of Horkal and rise and fall of the Heroes guild. As a result I became quite the intellectual despite my heritage. Naturally the townsfolk wished to violently remove me from the premises by bludgeoning me to death, but I had been smart enough to train myself using a broken sword and some heavy logs. I repelled them, but I was inspired to mend the relationship between races as we all bleed and breath the same. So I made my own suit of fine gold fabric, with the most royal gold fabric the tailor ever threw out. After wards I went to the place of my birth and convinced them that they should try to work in coercion with the humans, who had tasty sheep. I convicted the humans to help the orcs because simply, the town was terribly defended. After I bore witness to the glimmering success I had brought to the two towns I was sure I could do more elsewhere, for all kinds of people even people like me. The town gave me a fare well, giving me the armor, weapons and necessary item I needed to survive. With a final pip-pip and tally-ho I put my newly tailor suit of gold over my armor and began to roam the world.


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