Gortharik Steelbearer

"Stay out of my way or you might find yourself dead in a ditch."


He was a buff dwarf that stood at 4’8. His weapons of choice are battleaxe and greataxe.

He is now a human after being reincarnated, standing at 5’7, fairly muscular with brown skin.


Gortharik was apart of the old heroes guild, and had been for at least 70 years. He became close friends with Suthros and Jana, who both disappeared. He searched for them for a long time but eventually started giving up and retired to the little village of Zenthor. After a disaster, leading to the overrunning and destruction of the town, Gortharik helped some novice adventures hold the enemy until the people escaped to Valenwood. He was resistant at first, but now serves loyally once again. He holds high respect for Zodiac and Horkal.

Gortharik Steelbearer

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