"Ignorance brings peace, knowledge brings power and with it death...I am the Informant"


A dark, shady looking character who means business and a well off looking man looking for information is a good way to describe Damien. He stands at 5’8 and is rather slim.


This beggar of the streets lost his home for failing to pay his taxes because he was busy taking care of his sick younger brother. Both his parents had already died from sickness years ago. His brother died in the cold streets in his arms. A month on and Damien had barely survived on the streets, he was at his lowest, when a stranger walked up to him, gave him food, clothes, a place to sleep and a job. He started to rebuild himself, by helping people who were like him. He met a woman named Selphia, who was willing to join him to help him help the poor and gather information. They grew close over a month of traveling and now Damien feels happier than he ever has and has forgotten the pains of his past.


Thinia Swordninja