Claire Dùpree

Cute little girl, that will slice the fuck out of you, that isn't that little any more.


str 14
dex 22
con 10
int 18
wis 15
cha 18
HP 63
AC 22
hide 29
move silently 29

Claire likes cute things. A lot. She also likes looking as cute and quirky as possible, wearing her hair in different ways and different colours every single day, her outfit (usually a dress) almost always matches too. She has two scimitars and a very small bow on her back underneath a very small back pack if needed, if not they seem to disappear. Most of the time she wears white gloves and lots of bracelets. Also she has a hooded cloak which is almost never over her head and changes colour frequently as well.

Now she’s a fucking Elf. And she acts and looks different.


The little girl who seems older then what she is. Born in the small hamlet of Rendos, Claire has had a very… unusual life, to say the least. All was good in the old times, back before the return of the heroes guild, before the cult of retribution uprising, before god damn Zodiac! 11 years of the good times went by, doing simple tasks around the house, going to school, owning everyone at school, that kind of thing. But everything changed when the fire nation attacked. There was a magical aura swishing about everywhere, things started to form, others disappeared, panic was everywhere, the 27 people where running and screaming for there lives. Except Claire. She stood and stared as the magic formed around her, curious by its pretty colours and swirls. Looking into this kind of magic for so long, it was lucky she didn’t die! Her once quaint little village was now swarming with army men, knights, horses and the like, so she did what any little girl would do. Hide from the big scary things. She hid as quickly as possible and very well. About a week past of not living off what she could find, and she noticed that she felt smarter or in some way, older… However one day she met ________(Matt’s dead character). he was sitting on a bench, a simple farmer, or so it seemed. His hat had corks on strings dropping over his face, and he seemed out of place in this now big city, so Claire talked to him because no body else seemed to notice him. Claire quickly discovered that the magical phenomenon had turned his body to stone. They became good friends but were still homeless, until one day a poor fool decided to try mug them. (Matt’s character) retaliated to it first, punching him and beating him with a shovel, but the guy wasn’t alone, his accomplice was sneaking up behind (Matt’s character) with a knife. Claire saw this and decided she was a lot more sneaky then him, so she stole a knife from his boot and killed him. It was hard at first, but it they soon realised it was the only way to make money. A lot of money. It has been almost two years since this happened, but Claire has still not grown… although she feels wiser and older her body has not gotten past that of a 12 year old.

Claire Dùpree

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