Chris the Cleric

"Sounds like a bad idea"


Chris stands in at just 5’7 and has tanned skin. His father was a Thegros and his mother was a desert maiden, hence the skin mix. His mother went back to the Telmara desert after he was born but Chris has visited her a few times. He felt a connection with Pelor and decided to give up his noble life to heal the injured, cure the sick and spread Pelors word.

He looks to be almost middle aged and has some wisdom under his belt.

He is officially apart of the imperial faction, but takes no side in the war, tending to the injured that arrive in Valenwood, including Eagle soldiers.


Chris was born into the Thegros family which is a high ranking noble family in Linea, its head being the human’s representation on the council. After joining the church he worked there for 6 years until joining the heroes guild as they were in need of his abilities.

Chris the Cleric

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