"Captain of the Guard"

"Not in my city"


She stands at 6’0 and is a great guard captain. She inspires greatness in her men and is definitely not to be taken lightly. She wears a full suit of full-plate and is almost always seen in it. She only takes it off to sleep, but makes sure to wake up early and put in on again. Considering her experience, rank and age she has no visible scars at all. She is quite attractive as well, but does not take well to advances from men.


He, yes I said he, was born in Linea and he was quite talented with combat when he was young. He quickly joined the town guard at only age 14 and saved a guard patrol from 20 goblins at this age, which got him promoted to second in command of Linea’s guard. He showed greater and greater improvement and during the great Goblin rebellion with a squad of his ten best with him, killed over 1000 goblins gaining him the captain rank when his captain was killed . More recently he was involved in a battle between a cultist and three heroes. He managed to help Zodiac defeat the cultist, but not without losses. He continued his work until he went on his last mission and died in the cult temple. After a time of what he calls “The Incident” he was reincarnated as a she.

The captain has high respect for Zodiac, who after goofing up, manages to give her another chance at doing her job and helping people.

"Captain of the Guard"

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