Avelina Kenthal

"I bring wisdom and safety to all who seek sanctuary"


Avelina is 5’7 and wears a detailed and chain metal and small metal plates entwined with leather, with normal leather protecting the rest of her body. She also has a standard military helmet with her, but very rarely wears it. She has gloomy green eyes and fair skin, but two cut wounds can be seen, one horizontal cut on her lower right cheek, one vertical cut going from the left ankle to knee and 2 cuts, one for each of her hands.

She carries two longswords, one on each side and a dagger in her right boot. She carries no other weapons and when adventuring she travels light, with only food, water and a bedroll in a small pack.


She was apart of the old heroes guild but was captured in her teen years. She was tortured until she was rescued by a team of heroes who were rebuilding their guild. The corruption did not go away over night, she still battles with it every day, finding comfort with her unofficially adopted daughter, Liara and her fiance Zodiac, who she holds above all else.

Avelina Kenthal

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