Arthur Pendragon

I'm back bitches


Level 4 Rogue, Halfling, short brown straight hair, standing at average halflng height.


So well fuck, how do you start of Arthur fucking pendragon. He is the quiet little halfling who watches on the corner, funny charamastic. At a young age he was dislike from his noble family, he rather live in the rags with the less fortunate, when the age came when he was sussposed to be take over his father, he thrown again, made an outcast, though Arthur hated his family so he gave zero fucks. He went to the first tavern he can find and found out about this small group starting he thought why the hell not, adventure sounds fun, then he meet zodiac, the biggest douche bag. He got dropped from a 100ft from this prick, facing down certain death, Arthur got saved, by the dick who dropped me, as Arthur was walking away he go introduced to man himself. Sickle this human man standing before him. As he went around he became friends with the 3, Horkal, the great paladin, the one cowarding in the corner with me, zodiac, he needs to introduction, he’s a faggot. And sickle the only logical one as the group decided to move on from adventuring and go into the business of fucking the world, he meet this former beggar that sickle saved, called Damien an odd human he believe knowledge is power, over a year he meet very many people/creatures, then he meet an angel, then died. Now… HES BACK BABY, as being back he resides in his castle and follow through with sickles requests and asks.

Arthur Pendragon

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