They sat there alone, above the hero’s guild in the recently constructed pool, which zodiac had been tirelessly trying to fill. For a long time they did not talk, they were happy being with someone they knew understood. After a while the silence broken by Avalina asking “did they torture you?”. Zodiac answered simply “they tried often they didn’t always succeed.” “when they did, they went for hours on end. often they would heal me, simply so they could beat me more without killing me.” she nodded “I know” and so that sat hand in hand staring at the stars, never letting go, not even for a second. Timidly, Avalina asked “were all those things you did to those people necessary?” he smiled a grim smile and simply said “To me, perhaps not. To the raging man that lives in my soul and still remembers those days in that cell, being tortured and laughed at like an animal, yes. it was.” With a grim laugh he vaguely “After all what would you do to your captors, had i not killed them all?” she murmured “I… I don’t even…” “exactly” he said. “The statue i made of myself represents who i am. because that statue is just like me. stone on the outside and filled with the faces of bad men who tortured me.” she looked at him, into his eyes that she knew so well and to him she murmured the most valuable words anyone had ever told him. She said “I understand”



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