Thinia's Shadowguard

“My Lord, we have a confirmed magical disturbance, similiar to the usual energy given off by unstable magical items, our initiates were at ground zero.”

A rather plain looking man wearing a thin green cloak rested in his chair staring off into space, as if in another world. His short wavy brown hair was nestled into a cushion supporting his head and neck, his deep blue eyes were half open, showing no sign of interest in anything material. Another man stood in the room, his head bowed down as he delivered his message, he showed no sign of movement, waiting for the other man to return to reality. This man was wearing a brown cloak, hiding most of his features, but his stature, just like the other man, was rather unremarkable.

“I wish that you would hurry up with whatever you seem to be doing, you have not moved in two days, without your ring you would be in a terrible state, my lord.” The messenger pulled his hood back and lifted his head, now directly facing his master.
“I took a look into the details of the siege of Valenwood, particularly those who instigated it, as well as the cults sudden involvement and I have to say, on both accounts I am surprised. The attack was led by captain Gregory Tallham from the outside, along with Avelina Kenthal of whom you are aware of and a certain Nova Ignis, who acted on behalf of the church. Algareth held the gates and a so called Paladin of Bahamut caused confusion among the guards, it was quite impressive.”He paused for a moment to regain his composure and professionalism.
“It is good to know that there are others out there with similiar goals, but I got carried away, the important part is that Horkal was seen by multiple witnesses, as he attacked Claire and Volkarion, it was a close call but it seems someone from the shadows was watching their backs.

Life seemed to return to the shell of a body on the rather unusual throne of leather, oak and cushions. He immediately stood up with purpose and haste, strode over to a large mirror just a few steps away from the messenger and slammed his fist into it with all his might. The mirror cracked on impact, but it was after a menacing purple glow came off of the man’s very being that the mirror shattered into thousands of tiny pieces, which scattered all over the immediate area.

“That was the third mirror in the last two weeks, but I shall go and fetch another, it is clear that I am pestering you, no doubt you have more troubling matters on your mind already. I will tell Katherine to handle thing’s while you are ‘absent’. Say hello to Sickle for me while your in there.” The messenger took a bow, then left the room and the other man returned to the exact same position as before.



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