The Meeting

The man wearing the green cloak approached the old throne slowly, watching his step as to not bump into any of the rather expensive, lifelike looking stone sculptures. He gave a quick bow to a figure sitting on a large stone throne decorated with runes.

“Hello there again boss…”
“You dare come to me after failing to kill the heroes? Or did you let them go again? I have had enough, you realise that they are becoming a threat? Your amusement is over, do you realise that they are gaining strength at an alarming rate?
The cloaked man fixes his posture, turns around and heads for the door.
“If you want to have fun, have your fun but be careful, they may be the death of you, I suspect that they nearly have a fighting chance against you now…the longer you wait and keep pulling jokes and pranks on my organisation as well as the heroes, the more certain your death becomes. GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!”

He speeds up to a brisk walk, watching his own back when he collides with a sculpture. It hits the floor and smashes to pieces.“Oh no… I am very sorry!”
“Just show me some results this time please, send only your most trusted and most powerful men this time, go yourself if you must.”



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