Reflections of a cursed man.

My soul. My friends. The trees. The animals. The grass itself. Nothing is safe anymore, because they always come. They keep coming and don’t stop so I fight for all I love and something’s I don’t. I’ve saved the world and fought darkness everyday since my teenage years. But still I am forsaken. I know I’m flawed I know I can be unreasonable and abrupt but maybe it’s because all I know and love dies, no matter how hard I fight. No matter how strong I am. But I am hated. Cursed. Everything I touch withers and dies, the things that surround me fall like a leafy in the autumn of my home forests. No wall stops it and nothing I can do will cause it to cease. Because I fight, because I do what needs doing. I know I’m not what the world wants but the world needs me, whether they like it or not.

I sold my soul for them.

I sacrificed my friends for them.

I gave my life for them.

I gave my walls and men to them.

But still I am hated. I know why and I’m not ashamed. I fight for them because they need me too. So many people I have to care for. My wife, the few friends I have, the council, the princess, the people of thinia, blackfire, greenstone, valenwood and gonsult. Fuck I even have an adopted daughter I now have to raise. How can be there while I’m securing the future of the whole damn world?
Simply put,I can’t but I can goddamn try. I might lose. I might just die again. Though I can get rid the scars on my body I keep them. They show my plight. The plight of a cursed man.

Zodiac Greenfeather
A Cursed Man
A father & fiancé
But most of all
An unwanted protector.



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