Little Chrisy catches up on reading

Chris the Cleric was reading books in the guild’s library when he found a book called “The Creation of Heroes” by Kaltonias. He becomes interested and decides to start reading the book through. He reads it for the rest of the day and through that night…and through the next day and night. He is rather interested by this section and reads it several times.

“I cannot be certain as to how the heroes gain their power, especially considering I am no hero, but from what I have gathered from several members the power of the heroes is something you are born with. This does not mean it passes through the family, just an increased chance. Many have been born heroes out of the blue from commoner families while the children of heroes sometimes fall shorter. What interests me the most is that I have to come to the conclusion that there are multiple ways of becoming heroes, not just birth. In fact, my best friend, who I have known for over 20 years, is one such example. He had a rough childhood, with dragons and gladiatorial combat with other children and all that, but he did not show any real hero powers until he was well into adulthood. Some also say that he had it all along, but that it unlocks at different times for different people, but others think that through heroic action, you can become a hero. Take of this what you want and draw your own conclusions. The next chapter will be about what powers a hero actually gets.”

“Oh man…I need some sleep after all that reading, after eating of course, I feel like I have been in here all night, but without any natural light sources in this place, It could be the middle of the day by now. I better get some rest.”
Chris placed the book in his pack and dragged himself to bed.



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