“So you are telling me that you let Zodiac not only defeat half your team, but also allowed the other half to flee, never to be seen again?”
The rather commanding, but soft voice of Xios’s superior asked, sounding irritated

“I am deeply sorry my lady, I knew he was strong, but even our anti-Zodiac kill team failed in the task, thanks to some wizard, but he wont be a problem anymore, I heard your old friend Ehlonna has him freeing bunnies and other cute creatures from hunter traps…look, I tried my very best my lady, I did not come back unscathed, I was a half-dead dog, literally.”

“No matter my child, I can forgive you, but only because you have done so much for us all.”

Xios rose from her kneeling position and stood tall, then asked “Would you like me to try again my lady? I wont fail you this time.”

“Leave it be for now, my child. This so called Zodiac has evaded my hand picked kill team, he deserves to live, at least for now.”



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