Avelina lay on the king size bed of his lord Zodiac, simply killing time, waiting for Zodiac to get back or for something to happen. A knight briskly marched into the room, looking to be on important business.
“My Lady, as you know Lord Zodiac is away on important business and although it was instructed that Bluestone take care of business technically you are Zodiac’s heir and regent. The Council has been called to meeting by none other than the Order Of Flame Champion my lady, they request your presence in the Lord’s absence”.

Avelina rolled off the bed onto her feet, put her scabbards on her belt containing her two swords, simply nodded to the knight and walked out of the room and down the keep hallway.
“Do we know why a meeting is being held so suddenly, by the champion no less, he never took me for one to talk for hours in meetings”.

“I was simply told milady that it concerned a possible threat to the Flame and Heroes both”.

Avelina splashed her face with some cold water from the well outside and headed to the meeting, talking to some people along the way.
“How are you Tom? Fancy seeing you here, outside your shop, did something happen?”
“Oh not at all, did you by any chance see me near the gates or outside the city recently?”
“No, I just came from Greenstone and you were not there, but of course you could not be there if you are here, surely.”

“No matter, no matter, just if you see me around the area, tell me to get back to my shop or you will have me arrested on the spot.”
With that Tom walked off, heading towards the wizards college, in a hurry it would seem.
Avelina continued toward the meeting, when she arrived, everyone was already there waiting for her, well almost everyone. It would seem that the Orc representative and the Halfling representative had not yet arrived.



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