A strange place

A well dressed and distinguished man walked down the cobble road of the quiet, peaceful town. He had the look of a confident man in his wide, happy green eyes. He made his way through this quiet, tranquil village, a village that had clearly never seen war, or even any sort of trouble at all. Everyone seemed very happy, traders sold their goods in the square, all fair deals, people chatted together about simple good things and never did a conversation turn towards a sour topic.

He arrived at the large cathedral near the center of town, the most extravagant church anyone had ever seen. As he walked through the long halls, priests, clerics and monks made quick but respectful bow’s to him, then returning to their duties. The long blue cape with its golden outline dragged across the perfectly cut and spec-less floor. He had left a bag at the front door, containing his arsenal of weapons, potions and scrolls, but the bag was no larger than a small sack and contained more than most could carry. The man walked past a line of his lower ranking brothers, made his way to the back wall, took a deep breath and turned towards these men who were lined up, wearing perfectly matching sets of full-plate suits, all with the symbol of the sun god Pelor in plain view on the chest piece.

“Today we go to war my brothers! My friends! As you know we are needed at the gates to this peaceful land! You know that every 10 years all hell breaks lose for exactly four hours! When we reach the camp and group with our allies, your task is to hold your position, no matter what monstrosities come through that gate!”

The look on the man’s face had become completely serious, showing an ever so slight emotion of fear.



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